The Most Important Things in Life are Invisible

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Most Important Things in Life are Invisible

Dorota Antoniuk
ESL 100
Journal 13
Professor Randy Gifford

The Most Important Things in Life are Invisible

There are many theories about what is the most important thing in human life. For some people money rule the whole life, but I believe that the most important things in our life are invisible.
I would like to write about some invisible things, which in my opinion make human life important: friendship and love. For me, the most important is friendship. Everyone needs somebody with whom he can talk. The friendship is a kind of understanding or a thread between two people. When you have a problem, you can go to your friend. For many people love is even important than friendship. When you are in love, you are ready to spend rest of your life with your partner. People in love are trying to give beloved person everything they need. There are other invisible things connected with friendship and love, for instance trust and reciprocal understanding. Both people can tell each other everything without being ashamed and afraid. Reciprocal understanding allows us to understand each other using only a few words. I am sure, that you feel happy and you are more self-confident when you know that you can rely on somebody. Furthermore, in the relationship between a man and women the important thing is faithfulness, without which the relationship could not last very long. Moreover, people who are honest and always tell the truth are hold in high esteem. To sum up, we can see that there a lot of values which are invisible but important. Mention just few of them, I am sure that there are many more. For me the most important thing is friendship, and I am convinced that there many people who would agree with me.


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